How to Help Seniors Overcome Holiday Blues

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The gift you must give yourself this holiday – acceptance

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Gifts for New Drivers

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The Fight Against Juul Needs to Continue

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Child Safety

Suicides Among College Students

In the past six months, six Cornell students have committed suicide.  Last week, it is suspected that a UT undergrad who fell from an eight story parking garage to his death was also a suicide.  And, on March 31st, a Yale University junior took his life by jumping off the Empire State Building.  While the […]

Safe Playdates

As a mom, I sometimes feel like an air traffic controller, navigating the massive logistics of multiple playdates for my son and daughter.  When it’s their best friends it’s comfortable – we know their likes, dislikes and attention spans.  But what if it’s a new friend?  How well do you know the other family? While […]

Planning Age-Appropriate Vacations

Ask almost any mom and she will tell you that planning for a vacation can be an arduous task, especially if the age ranges of the children are varied.  Trying to make sure that everyone from the two year old to the twelve year old has a fun and memorable experience can challenge even the […]

Things to Discuss with Your Teen Before the Prom

Prom season is upon us and, good or bad, it will be a memorable time for our kids.  There’s so much anticipation and usually stress associated with the prom, from what to wear to whom to go with.  It’s also expensive and time consuming for the parents!  My good friend is hosting pre-prom for her […]

Are C-Sections Really Necessary The Second Time Around?

It’s become almost standard practice for OB/GYNs these days to tell patients that if they’ve had one C-Section they will absolutely have to have another C-Section for subsequent deliveries.   Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, or VBACs are highly discouraged at most hospitals mainly due to fear of malpractice suits.  I was one of the fortunate few […]

Hershey Park

This past month, my blended family of five kids took a road trip down to Hershey, PA and Lancaster, PA.  This really is the perfect “family” vacation as there’s something for everyone.  And, with a blended family of five kids, that was a top priority!  I’m actually surprised that, having grown up on the east […]

Transitioning to a New School

I was in a store the other day and actually laughed out loud as I passed through an aisle fully stocked with Halloween candy.  Why are they rushing the end of summer?  I haven’t even finished my Back To School shopping yet!  While there are some kids somewhere that embrace the first day of the […]

Baby Proofing Q & A

Q. We’re expecting our first baby this winter and want to be sure our house is ready.  What are the most important baby-proofing items to install? The key to baby proofing is to stay one step ahead of your child’s development.   Gates are one of the key items to install.  Whether it’s to keep an […]