Back to School Shopping

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5 Dorm Room Safety Items to Take Back To School

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When High School Kids Troll Their Parents Facebook Groups

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Is Febreze Safe or Toxic?

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Child Safety

Home Safety Q & A

Q.   My son is starting high school, and he will be coming home from school before I get home from work.  Are there some safety precautions I should put in place? While our young teenagers seem so mature in certain ways, in other ways they’re not.  Review with him what to do in case of […]

Home Organization Q & A

Now that fall is here, I want to freshen up my house and do some re-organizing. Any tips on getting my bathroom area safe and organized? Not only are bathrooms one of the most dangerous rooms for your kids, but it is also the one room with the most germs! Bath toys are a big […]

Emergency Preparedness Q & A

We recently had a baby and moved into a two-story house.   What are some emergency safety tips I need to consider now? Emergency preparedness is especially important once you have kids in the home.  First and foremost, make sure any adults who live in the home are CPR and First Aid certified, an emergency kit […]

The Balance Beam – Being an Involved Mom at School & Working

When my child entered Nursery School, I did not think for a second that I have feelings of angst and guilt over the amount of time I dedicated to the school.  But, after only three months, I find myself actually resenting a school that my children adore because it is making me feel like a […]

Christmas Tree Safety

The Christmas season is beautiful with all the decorated windows, colorful lights, and well trimmed trees. But, we must pause to ensure that our decorating is as safe as can be especially when it comes to the tree.  According to the National Fire Prevention Association, between 2003 and 2007, U.S. fire departments responded to an […]

Time To Go Out And Play… Creating a Safe Day Outside

Now that winter is finally over my kids are just itching to be outside every chance they get.  Before letting them use any of their outdoor play equipment, however, check that it’s still in good working order: Be sure all S hooks and bolts are still tight and that metal items haven’t rusted.  Check the […]

Facebook and Depression

While it might seem strange to a parent, doctors now believe that social media sites can actually lead to depression in ‘tweens and teens.   In fact, there is a new term for this – Facebook Depression.   In a report just released by the American Academy of Pediatrics, doctors offer background on the latest research in […]

Summer Heat – Never Leave Your Kids Alone in a Car

While a parent might think, “It will never happen to my child,” sadly about 45 kids die every year from being left in hot cars. The majority of these cases are due to a parent forgetting the child is in the car or the child playing in the car unbeknownst to the caregiver. As the […]

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