Residential Challenges for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

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Tips for Safety Proofing Your Home This Spring

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Vacation Safety with Cox Homelife

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A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat

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Bullying / Abuse

Teen Dating Violence – It’s Worse Than Parents Think

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, an issue most parents think will never effect their son or daughter.  But, unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Most parents don’t realize the extent of date violence and abuse among teens.  According to a study conducted by Teenage Research Unlimited (TRU):   1 in 5 teens that have […]

If God Cares So Much WHY DO I STILL HURT? A Practical Spiritual Guide to Happiness by Kerie Boshka

The following is a guest blog posting by Kerie Boshka, author of If God Cares So Much WHY DO I STILL HURT? A Practical Spiritual Guide to Happiness.   Hello friends –  Many of us feel it is our duty to protect the children in our care. There is nothing more painful than seeing a child […]

Anti-Bullying Laws: Are they really protecting your children?

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. It’s a sad reality that our children have come to face. It seems too often that I hear tragic stories about kids who have been bullied. One would think as the prevalence of bullying increases, anti-bullying laws would be strengthened. However, in some states this logic […]

Penn State Crisis – Victims, Bystanders & Sexual Predators

I don’t think there’s anyone in this country who isn’t disgusted by the events that continue to unfold at Penn State.  People have reacted with shock, disbelief and anger.  I looked at news footage of Jerry Sandusky outside his home and also found it hard to believe that this man was capable of the atrocities […]

Your kids are getting bullied in their own homes

Guest Blog Post by Mary Jo Rapini, LPC Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you are probably already making plans to visit friends and family. The kids are off from school, and you are looking forward to not having routines and school activities. Even though you sense peacefulness at this time without the hubbub, […]

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Don’t Miss the Invisible Bruises

I’m currently in the midst of doing research for my next book on teen issues which will be coming out this spring.  One of the significant sections of the book will be dating abuse.  Many of the young girls who I’m speaking with tell me that their parents had no idea that they were being […]

Take a pledge to fight bullying and protect our kids

For anyone who doesn’t thing bullying, and particularly cyberbullying, hasn’t become an epidemic, just Google news stories about kids who have been bullied and many who have killed themselves because of it.  And for every high profile story such as Phoebe Prince, Tyler Clemente and Jamey Rodemeyer, there are thousands of other stories that don’t […]

New AP/MTV survey – 4 out of 10 teens in a relationship say their partners have used computers or cellphones to abuse or control them

The Associated Press released a story this morning announcing the findings from their joint MTVonline bullying survey.  Below are some of the highlights from the poll.  Fifty-six percent of respondents say they’ve been electronically bullied in some way or another, up from 50 percent in 2009, with the most frequent forms of bullying including people writing things online […]

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