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5 Dorm Room Safety Items to Take Back To School

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When High School Kids Troll Their Parents Facebook Groups

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Is Febreze Safe or Toxic?

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What Every Parent of a Child With Intellectual Disabilities Fears

Today I realized that I’m getting closer to the edge of the cliff.  What cliff?  The cliff my son will go over unless mama starts taking charge. My son Spencer is 19 years old and has intellectual and development disabilities – IDD for short.  If you aren’t familiar with how the “system” works, people with […]

Pool Safety Tips for a Safe Summer

This post contains affiliate links to make your shopping more convenient.   If you do purchase via any of the links below, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you.   Are you up on pool safety and the latest gadgets to help keep your family and guest safe this summer? […]

Dry Drowning – Learn to Recognize the Warning Signs

This week a 4 year-old boy in Texas died from suspected dry drowning.  Most people have never heard of this and, to be honest, it’s rather rare but with summer upon us it’s critical to be aware and recognize the signs. Dry drowning occurs when a swimmer is on land but previously inhaled water into […]

Cruising with Disabilities – Planning My Summer Vacation

In a few weeks I’m going to be heading off on vacation with my family.  Now I know that for everyone, a vacation takes A LOT of preparation but for me it’s even more.  For those of you who follow my blog you know that I have a son with Intellectual Disabilities and a husband […]

JPMA Baby Show Innovation Awards Winners

This afternoon the winners of the JPMA Innovation Awards were announced and featured some of the top names in the juvenile products category but also some smaller companies.  The products included high tech items such as a self-installing car seat as well as some products that are so smart and practical it’s amazing it’s taken […]

Blue Whale Challenge – What Every Parent Needs to Know Today!

Some international news sources have recently posted about a disturbing “game” popping up on social media called the Blue Whale Challenge.  The game is described as a 50-day challenge during which teens complete a series of risky, dangerous tasks with the final challenge being for the participant to commit suicide. Reports indicate the tasks also […]

Going back to work? 7 things you should ask every daycare provider

Going back to work? 7 things you should ask every daycare provider.  Read more here!

Newest Baby Gear – Vote for the “Must-Have” Pick Awards

Get a sneak peek at the newest baby gear hitting the market and vote for your favorite “must-have” product at The newest baby gear is on display.  From self-installing car seats to high-tech apps and interactive toys to important safety gear, the most innovative products of 2017 will offer parents ground-breaking new ways to […]

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