How to Select a Children’s Hospital

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When it’s your special needs’ child’s last first day of school

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Back to School Shopping

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5 Dorm Room Safety Items to Take Back To School

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The Benefits of Ranch Style Homes

Why the ranch style homes of the 60’s are making a come back Ranch Style homes were extremely popular in the 1960s and now, as Boomers are looking for more accessible living design, are regaining  their popularity due to the range of benfits that ranch style homes offer families. Defined by a long, typically one story, […]

When Did Food Stop Being Fun?

There’s a fine line we walk as parents in trying to be sure that our kids eat healthy and being overly preoccupied with every morsel that goes into their mouths.  Yes, we want to be sure that their entire diet doesn’t consist of fast food and candy but does that mean that any little indulgence […]

Boomers Divorce Rate at All Time High

Divorce rate shows longevity and definition of marriage changes things A new study from Bowling Green State University shows the divorce rate for people 50 and older more than doubled over the last 20 years.  Experts point to many reasons for this but two contributing factors are that boomers are living longer and the expectations […]

No Do-Overs with Frigidaire Gallery® Dishwasher

Everyone has those times in their life when they look back and say “I should have done it differently.” For me it was rushing right off to college rather than taking time to travel and see the world. I always tell my kids that travelling is the best form of education you can have but […]

“Not my kid, not my town, not my problem.”

A scandal is erupting in Rye, NY.  Last week, three high-school juniors were arrested for a hazing  incident involving several eight-grade students, one of whom was hurt so badly he ended up in the hospital.  All three are being charged as adults for hazing and unlawful imprisonment after brutally paddling the younger kids as part […]

New Mobile Phone Study by AT&T

PARENTS CAN RULE, KIDS CAN BE CRUEL, NEW MOBILE PHONE STUDY REVEALS  AT&T Commissioned Poll on Families’ Mobile Behavior Sheds Light on Rules-Setting and Bullying; AT&T Offers Modern Tools to Help Manage The AT&T Mobile Safety study of 1,000 parents and 500 children by GfK shows that there’s an opportunity for parents and kids to […]

Mom, Wife, Caregiver, Circus Performer?

Mom, Wife, Caregiver….Circus Performer?  I Didn’t Pack Enough for This Guilt Trip People often read about my story as The Safety Mom and say to me, “How do you do it?” What they are referring to is the fact that my son has special needs, my first died of SIDS, my husband has Multiple Sclerosis […]

4 Conversations You Must Have With Your Tween

So much focus is put on teens and the issues they’re dealing with that the impressionable ‘tweens are often overlooked. Too many parents think that their nine, ten and eleven year olds are too young to know about many of these issues. Don’t fool yourself – they’re hearing about them in school and in the […]

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