How to Help Seniors Overcome Holiday Blues

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The gift you must give yourself this holiday – acceptance

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Gifts for New Drivers

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The Fight Against Juul Needs to Continue

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Tips for Creating a Scary but Safe Halloween Night

Be Sure your little ghosts & goblins have a safe night of trick-or-treating To help keep our children safe, Episencial, the leader in kids organic skincare,  is giving a “Safety Kit”  to ten of our lucky friends.  Each kit includes a Southwire ELight Rechargeable Security Flashlight $25, and a 4oz Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35.    To enter to win, simply “Like” […]

World Alzheimer’s Month and National Grandparent’s Month

September is World Alzheimer’s Month and National Grandparent’s Month  Alzheimer’s Action Day While I was well aware that September is World Alzheimer’s Month and tomorrow is Alzheimer’s Action Day, until today I didn’t realize that it’s also National Grandparent’s Month.  I’m wondering if it was planned that way given that one in eight older Americans […]

ATT “No Text On Board” Twitter Party #itcanwaitchat

Would you close your eyes for 6 seconds as you’re driving down the highway at 60mph?  That’s the question posed in AT&T’s new video that is a part of their “It Can Wait campaign.” While almost everyone would agree that they wouldn’t close their eyes, they think nothing of looking down at their phone for 6 […]

AT&T “No Text On Board” Pledge Day

“It Can Wait” A few months ago, a jogger in a neighboring town was struck and killed by a car driven by a teenager.  The driver hadn’t been drinking, it wasn’t dark outside, and the roads weren’t slick. The driver was texting. While devastating for everyone involved, if just ONE life can be spared by raising […]

Instagram – What Parents Need to Know

Instagram, commonly referred to “the social network of tweens” is one of the newest social trends. An application for iPhone and iTouch that allows users to upload, edit, enhance, and post pictures, it was used by one million teens in July alone. Studies show that more teens and tweens are using this platform to post […]

Natural Disaster Preparedness Tips

With Hurricane Season well underway, I’ve resolved to better prepare my family in the case of an emergency. Besides natural disasters, there are so many risks that threaten our homes every day. As much as we may want to simply avoid thinking about them, being prepared for things like a robbery, a fire, natural disasters, […]

A multi-generational tradition with HERHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE

Hershey’s S’Mores a Bondfire Must! Summer might be over but our vacation will be a lasting memory for my mom, kids and me.   I cherish my memories of summer vacations with my grandparents in Cape Cod when I was a little girl.  Certain smells, sounds and tastes can evoke those memories instantly like the smell […]

Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s

Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s As is the case with many bloggers, I find writing about my personal situations is not only cathartic but often times will help one of my readers who is facing a similar situation.  Currently my topic du jour is being an adult child caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s […]