5 Secrets for Making Back-to-School Stress-Free

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College Dorm Essentials

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How to Care for a Caregiver When It’s Overwhelming

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Revenge Porn Isn’t Just a Celebrity Thing

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For Our Children With Autism and Other Special Needs, What Does the Future Hold?

I’m told my son is not on the autism spectrum, but in my mind that doesn’t matter. World Autism Awareness Day is equally as important to me whether he is or not. I might never find the exact “label” for my son but, just like so many parents with a special needs child, I worry […]

My mom’s review of the VTech CareLine Phone System

When I was approached by VTech CareLine to act as their brand ambassador I was thrilled.  While my role as The Safety Mom started out with safety and wellness for children and teens, it has evolved into family safety with a strong emphasis on seniors and individuals with disabilities.  There’s a reason for that – I’m […]

My bragging list as the mom of a special needs son

Most moms of neuro-typical 14 year-olds are starting to think about them getting their  driver’s license and dating.  For the moms of many special needs kids, these rights of passage are a long way off and might not ever occur.  Every mom is proud of the accomplishments of their kids and bragging rights are expected. But […]

Communicating with Seniors & Caregivers

With Parenting Styles, One Size Does Not Fit All

You really need to grow a thick skin once you’re a parent.  All of a sudden, everyone has an opinion and becomes and expert on how best to raise your child.  Helicopter parenting, free-range parenting and everything in between is put forward as the only way to do it.  As a national family safety expert, […]

Twitter Party! Signs Your Aging Parents Need Help…and what to do #VTechCares

Sometimes the changes are subtle – forgetting what year it is or forgetting how to get to the local grocery store.  Other times it’s a dramatic event – a fall, a stroke or a heart attack.  At some point, our aging parents will need our help and, unfortunately, we are often unprepared for what that […]

Caring for an Aging Parent

Prepare for your aging parent release from a nursing facility or hospital discharge At some point, many women (daughters) will be put in the difficult position of caring for their aging parent.  Sometimes the evolution is gradual but it can literally be overnight when a senior experiences a fall or suffers a stroke. This issue […]

Safety for Seniors and People with Alzheimer’s During a Blizzard

Isolation can be Deadly As Nemo roared up the East Coast, I’m thought a great deal about the number of elderly people who are living independently, or aging in place.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy it became apparent that there were many seniors living alone that local senior service agencies were completely unaware of. Many […]

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