Before you judge the mom with the out of control kid on the plane read this

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How to Care for a Caregiver When It’s Overwhelming

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Stuck in your car and it is sub zero out – what you need to know!

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Logan Paul isn’t the problem, he’s a symptom

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Baby Safety Gates

Disclaimer – I have a material and/or financial connection because I received a gift, sample of a product and/or compensation for consideration in preparing to write this content. All opinions stated within are my own. Don’t be confused by the term baby proofing – it’s as much about toddlers who are tearing around the house […]

Family, Friends and Faith

This was another one of those weeks where I almost could feel the earth shifting under my feet.  My 40’s have undoubtedly been a time of personal growth, acceptance and letting go.  This week however was probably the most emotional. In the span of a week I: Allowed myself to let go of a friendship […]

Baby Proofing and Child Safety – A check list of the most overlooked items

As a professional baby proofer and the owner of Safety Mom Solutions, I’ve visited thousands of homes in the Connecticut and New York area.  Our services start out with a detailed in-home safety evaluation that usually leaves parents with the “deer in the headlights” look.  Most of them are fairly confident when I walk in […]

Is Playground Safety and Baby Proofing Just For Neurotic Parents?

As a family safety expert and owner of a baby proofing company, I’m constantly challenged as to whether parents are too neurotic about their child’s safety when they baby proof their home.  I got to thinking about this question even more this morning after reading an article in The New York Times about playground safety.  […]

Baby Proofing Your Home Office

Whether you’ve chosen to work from home or you’ve been laid off and have created a place to work as you job hunt, there are a host of electronics, papers and other items in this area that you need to protect from your toddler. Beware of small items such as thumb tacks, staples and rubber […]

Strangulation Hazards That Are Easy to Overlook

Over the weekend, a 2 year-old died after becoming entangled with an airconditioner cord and choking. The air conditioner was in a window six feet off the ground. It’s so easy to overlook the numerous cords and other strangulation hazards around the home. Here are a few to consider: Oscillating fans Laptop computers and external […]

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