Tips for Safety Proofing Your Home This Spring

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Vacation Safety with Cox Homelife

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A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat

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COX Smart Home is a mom’s dream come true!

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Baby Proofing

More Cool Products from the ABC Show

My feet are sore and I’m exhausted walking around the ABC Show and seeing all of the amazing products here! I’ve met so many incredible inventors and designers who truly care about kids health and safety. That’s not to say that the big guys aren’t thinking about mom too! One of the other winners of […]

Amazing Products at ABC Show!!!

I’m at the ABC Show (All Baby & Children’s Expo) in Las Vegas which is the show for all manufacturer’s that have products marketed to kids. Over the course of the next week I’ll keep you posted as to some of the most amazing products that I’m seeing here. And stay tuned for tons of […]

Johnson & Johnson’s baby products are caught up in the media hype

It seems as if every few months a new product-safety "crisis du jour" comes up in the media.  Whether it's toy recalls, e-coli scares or car seat failures, the media bombards parents with dire information on which products are going to injure or kill their children.  While the information is important, as parents we need […]

Should parents be charged with neglect when babyproofing doesn’t work?

This past week a young mother in Florida was charged with child neglect when her 3-year old was found wandering outside the house.  The mother was asleep in the house and it was determined that the child had snapped the safety latch, unlocked the deadbolt and unlocked the doorknob "in a matter of seconds."  In […]

Furniture Tipping Accidents Seldom Considered Until Too Late

As the co-founder of Peek-a-Boo BabyProofing, we are constantly called in to install gates, cabinet locks and outlet covers. When we bring up the idea of securing furniture to the wall however, we are met with questions and objections. Either the parents don't want the furniture or wall damaged or they don't understand why this […]

Give Someone A Safety Tip for Mother’s Day and Possibly Save a Life!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!  Motherhood is a special club and the lifetime membership  fee is pretty high – your heart and soul – but we all give it willingly.  It is a club where this is no discrimination and we gladly welcome new members.   There is no secret handshake […]

The Baby Proofing Debate – How much is too much?

I  just finished reading a blog from a woman who felt that baby proofing is nonsense.  She believes that parents are worked into a "frenzy of fear" and are talked into purchasing every available baby proofing item on the market to create a bubble around their children.   Her recommendation is to allow children to explore […]

What You Need to Know About Toy Recalls

I was talking to some friends this weekend about the recall of the Easy Bake Oven – one of my absolute favorite toys growing up. I was amazed to find out how many of my friends with teenage daughters still have their Easy Bake Ovens in a closet somewhere.  The same was true for the […]

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