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Calling Dr. Mom

Kid_taking_medicine I recently made a bet with my babysitter that within two weeks of the kids starting school at least one of them would have the flu, a stomach bug or just a bad cold.  I was wrong — it actually took three weeks.   With three kids in the house it’s inevitable that we have our share of colds throughout the season.  But with little ones, there’s always the nagging question in the back of your mind – is it really just a cold or flu or is it something worse?   As moms, especially when it comes to our babies,  we analyze and agonize over every symptom.  And usually the first place we turn to find answers is the Internet.   At times, this can be extremely helpful in giving us some peace of mind and making us better informed parents…and eliminating a second or third trip to the pediatrician in a matter of a month.   But there’s also the very real danger of misdiagnosing what could be a serious underlying condition.   While there are many credible sites for researching illnesses, there’s a good likelihood that you will stumble upon a site or article that contains inaccurate information.  An informed parent is a strong advocate for their child but I always tell moms that the bottom line is — check with your pediatrician.  And now, with infant and toddler’s cold medicine being pulled off the shelf, it’s vital that parents speak with their pediatrician and understand the appropriate treatment for their child’s specific illness. 

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  1. On the discussion of getting sick, I thought it would be great if you wrote an article on the use of sanitizing products and the negative effect’s on a growing child’s immune system.


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