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I’m in control of my daughter’s phone with AT&T Smart Limits!

ATTSmartDisclaimer – I have a material and/or financial connection because I received a gift, sample of a product and/or compensation for consideration in preparing to write this content. All opinions stated within are my own.

I think we can all agree that technology is a blessing and a curse.  As a divorced mom I needed my kids to have a phone to keep in touch with me.  And, as a national family safety expert, I also want them to be able to contact me from school if there’s ever an emergency.  The flip side to this however is the irritation I feel when I end up talking to the top of their heads when they’re engrossed in their phone and the concern of “textual harassment” and cyberbullying.  Since I pay for their phone I want some ability to manage how and when they use it and also who they talk to.  And that’s exactly what AT&T’s Smart Limits allows me to do.

I’ll tell you right now, your kids are going to HATE this!  Here’s a few of the great things I can do with Smart Limits:

I control when she is able to use her phone and who she talks to

Rather than deal with having a basket to collect phones when they come home, simply turn them off.  NOTE: If there is an emergency you can allow certain numbers to get through and she can call out to pre-approved numbers including 911.
















Are there certain people you don’t want your child to speak with or is someone bullying her?  Simply block the number.  Create a trusted contact list of phone numbers she can call.









No more surprise charges for purchased apps, music or games

How many times have you been hit with some unexpected charge on your bill only to find out your daughter downloaded the new Taylor Swift album or a Dance Moms app?  You set limits on the amount of money she can spend and block data as well.


 You can view all activity

One of the best things is the e-mail I receive every Monday morning which gives me a summary of my daughter’s activity for the previous week.  Without this I probably would get lazy about checking in on her activity but when it’s pushed to me there’s no excuse not to open the e-mail and give it a quick glance.  I also have it set up so I’m immediately alerted when she’s added a new contact number or if someone new has contacted her.



AT&T’s Smart Limits is the easiest way I’ve found to control what my daughter does when she’s on her phone and gives me peace of mind that at least she’s not being bullied on her phone.

You can check out Smart Limits here and keep in mind, when you download it from this site you get to check it out for 30 days for free but you DO NOT get the free 30-day trial if you download via iOS



  1. I’ve used this site for the last two years and it does not work. I’ve complained to AT&T and reported it multiple times.
    It often times out says the network is not available gives me error messages and the block numbers do not work. Don’t be fooled kids can work around this program very easily not to mention that what the program is glitchy as it is it doesn’t work 3/4 of the time

  2. I’m know this is necessary, but I really don’t like being so much in my daughter’s business. The times have certainly changed.


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