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AT&T It Can Wait – Simulator shows dangers of texting & driving

Disclaimer – I have a material connection because I received a gift or sample of a product for consideration in preparing to write this content. All opinions stated within are my own.

AT&T has recently developed an online simulator that shows firsthand the dangers of texting behind the wheel, but in a safe way.  At first, I was skeptical about how this simulator would work but it ended up not only being easy to use but really opened my eyes to how distracted driving can really impact a person’s ability to drive safely.  The simulator is found on this webpage, http://itcanwaitsimulator.org/, where you first enter your email address that is linked to your smartphone.  You will then be directed to click on the link on the email from your phone to begin the simulator.  While you are controlling the speed and direction of the car on your computer screen using directional arrows on your keyboard, you are receiving text messages from the simulator on your phone.  The challenge here is to properly operate the car while answering to the text messages that are constantly popping up on your phone.  I tried to answer the first text message I received on my phone, and as my eyes were off of my computer screen, I ended up running a red light, which ended the simulator.  Crashing into something or driving too slow are also other circumstances that will stop the simulator.  At the end of the simulator, you will be asked to play again, take the pledge, or share the simulator on Facebook.  After playing the simulator a few times and realizing how easy it was to make a mistake while texting and driving (just on a computer screen), I took the pledge.  I thought that this simulator, while not harming anyone, was an ideal portrayal of how dangerous texting and driving is.


This is a screenshot from the simulator, which makes you feel as though you are actually driving a car.

This simulator is a part of AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign, which is encouraging drivers, especially teenagers to make a lifelong commitment to never text and drive.  I urge everyone to play the simulator and get involved in the campaign by sharing it on Facebook and joining in on the buzz on Twitter by using the hashtag #itcanwait to @ATT.

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